Oliver Wahlstrom’s Trick Shots: A Mini One-On-One Tradition

Please pardon the digression down memory lane. Growing up in New England, Mini One-On-One was a staple feature of intermissions of Bruins games on the great WSBK TV in Boston. Between the calls of Fred Cusick and Derek Sanderson of the main event, high schoolers and younger aged skaters showed off on break aways of all types.

Today’s video from the realm of Mini One-On-One recalled those days gone by, if only to illustrate that my friends from school didn’t have anything on Oliver Wahlstrom, one of the under 10 Hockey prodigies from Portland Maine.

Below the fold, you can watch the video of this and a link to some of his previous exploits.

It’ll be fun to hopefully see this kid someday at a future NHL All-Star Weekend Skills Competition. As the good folks at NESN are happy to advise, this most recent video is not a fluke. Well done, Oliver!