NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly could have mentioned this section of the by-laws…

More intrigue in the Phoenix Coyotes sale, and by “intrigue” I mean random happenstance that concerns Jeremy Roenick. As mentioned on Puck Daddy, he was interviewed on local Phoenix radio show “Calling All Sports With Roc And Manuch” regarding the future of the Phoenix Coyotes. He mentioned he was talking to other people who might be interested in forming an ownership group (or joining a current interested ownership group) to purchase the ‘Yotes and keep them in Glendale.

Later on in the same post, Greg Wyshynski mentions that local city counsel candidate Stew Radawec floated the idea of the fans owning the team.

The concept has been raised numerous times among Coyotes fans since the ownership woes began in 2009.

That public ownership adds to the Packers appeal, but the National Football League has since prohibited such public ownership of its franchises.

Glendale and NHL officials say the non-profit, public ownership model isn’t a possibility in Glendale either. National Hockey League bylaws also prohibit such an arrangement, said Bill Daly, the league’s deputy commissioner.

Daly’s correct. The NHL by-laws don’t allow for ownership by a group of fans… but section 34 of the by-laws does allow for minority share ownership by fans if another party owns the majority. Granted, there is a portion of that section that states that the team must be free from debt to the NHL, but since the league currently owns the team, I’m unsure that a new buyer would assume any actual debt or not. Obviously there are limitations and stipulations in the by-laws that need to be looked at, but it is still within the realm of possibility.

It’s not like sales of shares in a team hasn’t been done before. The owner of the Florida Panthers did this exact thing in 1996. Perhaps Mr. Daly could make an addendum to his “this isn’t allowed” statement of “an alternative is allowed however, if the team can find a buyer to support 51% of the Coyotes.”

If JR needs a hand in his ownership group, perhaps he doesn’t have to look too far.


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