NHL cancels remainder of preseason games


Raise your hand if this surprises you. No, come on guys, not everyone at once.

That's what I thought — there was no expectation that the 2012 NHL preseason wouldn't be canceled, was there? The league had already canceled the games scheduled through the last weekend in September, and with no resolution to the lockout in sight, the league did the next expected thing and canceled preseason games through the start of the season.

A good number of people dislike pre-season games and think they're either useless or at the very worst think that they're just a glorified opportunity for suspensions and injuries. But still, with the specter of losing yet another season hanging over the heads of hockey fans, a preseason game'd be welcome right about now. Also, there were some scheduled at some spots that usually don't get a chance to see games.

The Barclays Center was going to show off their (presumed) lack of sight lines at a game between the New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils. Kraft Hockeyville was coming to Stirling Rawdon Ontario. There was the prefunctory pre-season game in Kansas City. Games have already been lost, most notably the Baltimore Hockey Classic.

So much for seeing your team's prospects in NHL jerseys for probably the only time this season — or possibly ever. The league has two weeks to figure this out, but chances are slim a resolution's coming. Get ready for the official announcement of the cancellation of regular season games soon.

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