Miami news uses college logo for the Florida Panthers

Let’s be honest. The Florida Panthers haven’t exactly been a regular fixture in the NHL playoffs. As a result, the media isn’t used to talking about them this late in the year. However, this doesn’t give local news stations down in Florida an excuse as they are supposed to be reporting on the Panthers all season long. 

As found on Reddit, a Miami news station used FIU’s (Florida International University) logo instead of the Panthers actual logo while reporting on the team’s win over the Devils on Tuesday. 


Ironically, the error from the news station followed what was one of the most impressive games from the Florida Panthers we have seen in quite some time. The Panthers fell behind the New Jersey Devils early, trailing 3-0 in just over six minutes. Remarkably they stormed back, ultimately winning the game 4-3 to give them a 2-1 series lead. 

Using the wrong logo in a sports segment on television is pretty embarrassing. Using a college logo for a professional sports team, one that won its division and is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is even worse. To be fair, both the college and the Florida Panthers use the panther as their mascot. They also have somewhat similar logos featuring a panther with its paw extended. If you ignore the color scheme and the enormous FIU lettering, we could understand where this mistake might be made (your sarcasm detector should be ringing). 

At the very least, the Panthers are getting some media coverage in a state that isn’t known for hockey or even following hockey. Some coverage with the wrong logo is better than no coverage at all, right?

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