LA’s bold marketing strategy isn’t just online

The Los Angeles Kings have made plenty of noise with their new rambunctious social media strategy. They have given the LA Twitter account a distinctive, controversial voice that has brought in waves of new followers and waves of new critics. 

Thanks to a post over at Reddit Hockey, we can see that LA’s controversial marketing strategy has spilt over into the real world. As you can see in the photo above, the Kings are using their edgy voice on a small poster/billboard located at what appears to be a bus stop. 

Unfortunately, our info on this marketing piece is limited. We don’t know where it is located or how long it has been in place. However, the advertisement itself speaks volumes. 

In advertising, sex sells. Humor sells as well. Might as well mix the two and see what happens, right? Credit to the Kings for trying to break through the typical advertising clutter. We are forced to dock points for them using such a tired cliche of using the term “score” for sex. It’s pretty played out. 

Still, the advertisement is doing exactly what was intended. It was supposed to get people talking and here we are talking about it. It was supposed to bring smiles to the faces of fans or non-fans that read it and we’ll admit, it got a small chuckle. 

At this stage the question must be asked – what’s next for the Kings? As each strategy they deploy pays off and egst attention, more and more pressure is placed on the marketing team’s shoulders. Their marketing strategies both online and now in person have created quite a stir. Will they be able to keep things sizzling before the novelty wears off?


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