How NOT to celebrate: New Jersey hockey player flings himself through, not into glass

Well, this is awkward. The “fling yourself into the glass” celebration technique is a common one; heck, it’s even programmed into NHL 13. Taylor Cox of the New Jersey Junior Titans learned the hard way that just because something’s in a video game doesn’t mean that you need to try to do it. Witness:


Ow. I’m sure there are all sorts of things at play here. The hardness of the hit, the quality of the glass, the angle of the contact… but still, physics aside, this really is kind of a hard move to pull off. It’s nothing for Cox to be embarrassed about, though I’m sure he’d probably rather be remembered for the goal than for the mistake that came afterwards.

One has to wonder if the rink’s limiting what celebration techniques are allowed after goals. Fist pumps are still safe, right?

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