How are Canadian fans coping with the lockout?

Every hockey fan is coping with the lockout in their own way. Some have adopted foreign teams, some have shifted their attention to the AHL or even college hockey, while others have taken up unique hobbies that range from making lockout videos on YouTube to trying to get #FireBettman trending on Twitter. 

The Flight Network, a Canadian site that offers discounted travel options, polled their readers asking what they have been doing to pass time during the lockout in exchange for the opportunity to win a free trip to Switzerland to watch some live puck. The end result from the 7,196 responses is the nifty graphic you see above. A larger version can be found here

With a free trip to Switzerland on the line it's no surprise to see several responses indicating the fans are preparing for their trip. However, it is worth noting that a large chunk of Canadians are spending their free time painting their house. Times must be tough in Canada. We also like the "Watching reruns of Don Cherry" response. No one can be that desperate. 

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