Help lead the direction at Puck Drunk Love

There are times where self-reflection can do wonders. For the entire staff at Puck Drunk Love, we believe that time is now. We’ve just passed out first quarter after launching in November and are always looking for ways to make the blog better. We also believe that if you don’t listen to your readers, you probably shouldn’t be blogging in the first place.

Therefore, we’re going to open the communication lines to all of our readers. What would you like to see more of on Puck Drunk Love? What have you seen in the past that you’ve liked or disliked? Is there something on the following list you want to see more of?

  • General NHL news
  • Specific game coverage
  • The business side of the NHL
  • Events that the clubs are holding/hosting
  • Statistical comparisons between players/teams
  • The day-to-day headlines across the many bloguin hockey blogs
  • AHL coverage / prospects
  • Hockey humor posts sprinkled amongst the regular content
  • A closer look at design work featured on NHL brands
  • NHL charity work
  • Random hockey related material that could come from left field?

Have another idea that you don’t see listed above? Let us know!

To voice your opinion, there are three easy ways to do so. The first and fastest way is to leave a comment at the end of this post. You can also tweet and email us your opinions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been visiting us since November or if you’ve just discovered us last week – your voice counts.

We want to thank everyone who visits PDL and takes the time out of their busy schedules to read our posts. We sincerely appreciate it.