ESPN thinks Curtis Glencross is Manny Ramirez

We all know that ESPN barely gives the NHL any attention. When it does it’s usually the minimum they can get away with while still being able to call themselves the home of sports coverage. We’ve come to accept this as fact and have moved on from it, with plenty of fans believing the NHL is better off without ESPN. Why add our beloved sport to a network that already waters down so many leagues as is? What kind of coverage could we expect if the network did pick the NHL back up? The photo below can probably answer that question for you.

Calgary’s Curtis Glencross looks a bit different these days, doesn’t he? In fact, the picture on his profile page on ESPN is none other than baseball player Manny Ramirez who is attempting to resurrect his career with the Oakland Athletics. It’s truly odd to see Manny’s aged face staring back at you, complete with A’s cap, on a Calgary Flames background. You’ll also be pleased to see ESPN notes that Glencross (or is it Ramirez?) scored the team’s lone goal against the Blues a few days ago. Whew. Thank goodness we have that bit of trivia correct. 

To be fair, mistakes like this happen. In coding such as this one typo can literally turn Curtis Glencross into a repeat offender of the MLB’s drug policy. ESPN will likely correct their mistake pretty promptly – thankfully we have the ability to save the image for all to see.

Is this another case of “Manny being Manny”? Honestly, Manny’s career is so completely off the wall that would you really be surprised to see him give hockey a shot next? This is the same guy that routinely botched plays in the outfield and left a game to use the bathroom inside Fenway Park’s Green Monster. By comparison, learning he is playing hockey wouldn’t be the most surprising thing. 

Do we suddenly have a new trend of “Curtis being Curtis”? That might be a bit more enjoyable for all of us hockey fans. Either way, ESPN has continually been mocked by NHL fans for the way they treat the sport and this just adds a bit more fuel on the fire. 

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