Does Montreal have the best uniform in sports?

We're desperate for hockey topics to talk about. You've heard the speculative rumors about Player A potentially signing with Team B. You've heard the rather depressing news about the collective bargaining agreement and the looming lockout. What you might not have heard is the lighthearted story of an NHL team, the Montreal Canadiens to be precise, being awarded the top spot in Uni Watch's uniform countdown

The countdown judged the best uniforms across the four major sports – NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA. Out of 122 teams Montreal finished first overall thanks to an iconic and simple design. 

Uni Watch, a regular feature under the ESPN umbrella, took the past several days ranking each uniform in the four major sports. It was interesting to see where each NHL team stacked up when compared to other, more popular sports with larger followings. Fortunately, popularity didn't seem to factor too much in the overall rankings. However, one has wonder how exactly some of the rankings were created considering just how very different an NBA uniform is to an NHL uniform or how different an MLB uniform is to an NFL uniform. 

Below you'll see where each NHL team ranked. Keep in mind the number on the right is out of a possible 122. 

  1. Montreal – 1st
  2. Boston – 5th
  3. New York Rangers – 11th
  4. Detroit – 15th
  5. Philadelphia – 17th
  6. Toronto – 23rd
  7. Pittsburgh – 26th
  8. Minnesota – 32nd
  9. Columbus – 41st
  10. New Jersey – 43rd
  11. Chicago – 49th
  12. Buffalo – 54th
  13. New York Islanders – 55th
  14. San Jose – 60th
  15. Florida – 64th
  16. Winnipeg – 72nd
  17. Vancouver – 73rd
  18. Phoenix – 76th
  19. Calgary – 79th
  20. Tampa Bay – 81st
  21. Carolina – 91st
  22. Nashville – 94th
  23. Anaheim – 97th
  24. Ottawa – 99th
  25. St. Louis – 100th
  26. Edmonton – 104th
  27. Washington – 107th
  28. Los Angeles – 112th
  29. Dallas – 117th
  30. Colorado – 118th

We'll voice our discrepancies with this list and we encourage you to do the same below in the comments. 

Montreal is a safe bet at the top spot and one few hockey fans would have a legitimate argument about. They have the history and they have a simple yet sharp uniform. Some may argue that the road uniform leaves a bit to be desired but the home scheme is nearly perfect. 

Chicago's spot in the rankings is surprising. Typically when you have a discussion on the best NHL sweater the Blackhawks are almost always a contender. The Blackhawks may lose points based on the fact their sweater is controversial but it deserves better than 11th among all NHL uniforms. 

Minnesota receives positive remarks about their alternate circle logo while the St. Louis Blues, a team with nearly an identical alternate uniform, receive negative remarks. Consistency, Uni Watch, consistency!

It's strange seeing the Columbus Blue Jackets so high up on a list comparing NHL teams. Take your victories where you can, right?

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