Do you have hockey junk in your trunk? These jeans might be for you.

File this one under "interesting news of the day that you didn't need to know." Via Deadspin comes this fashion tip. Perhaps you're a hockey player, and perhaps you have a little Radek Bonkadonk going on in your rear end area. You know, booty. It happens – lower body workouts grow muscles, and your butt has two of 'em. It stands to reason then that athletes who use their legs a lot might have a little larger rear ends than those who don't.

Those of you who have ever owned a pair of ill-fitting jeans knows that they're uncomfortable as heck. That article of clothing that you wear on casual Friday, the one that signifies how loose and fancy free you are, digging into you? Major letdown. That's why hockey company Gongshow has invented jeans especially tailored to "hockey ass." Here's what the company says about them:

Introducing the first ever jeans in the world made to fit a hockey player. Hockey players have massive legs and usually what is known as a "Hockey Ass" – a bit bigger from hours of skating, squats, bedroom games and overall just dominating life.

Beauty Fit Jeans – Built for Hockey Players

Aside from the name (Beauty Fit? Shouldn't that be from Lane Bryant or Ann Taylor?), it sounds like it could be a good fit for some players, though the $90 price tag might be a bit much.

Finally – jeans that Sidney Crosby can feel comfortable in.


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