Columbus plans to take back team with F.A.N.S.


A revolution has begun! The fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets have declared war on the team. And with the team recently agreeing to stay in the city until 2039, now is the perfect time for the fans to defend their ground.

A new advocacy group in the city Columbus was formed in early March to bring a winning hockey club to the city. Simply named “CBJ F.A.N.S.”, their goal is to restore and maintain the franchise’s honor. CBJ F.A.N.S. (For A New Start), have begun to travel the long road in hopes of not being the butt of every NHL joke.

According to the group’s website, they are demanding three specific things:

  1. Accountability from ownership, management, players, and all other parties associated with the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey franchise.
  2. Excellence in all levels of the team’s operations, on-ice and off, as sports fans and citizens of Central Ohio accept nothing less.
  3. A commitment to honor the community and fans of Central Ohio from all of those involved in the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey franchise.

In order to get things moving in the right direction, the group has acquired signatures, passed out flyers, and has given the fans the option of making signs to take into home games. The general consensus is that many of the fans supporting this group want both General Manager Scott Howson and team President Mike Priest. A quick glance at the big picture and removing those two from the franchise would be an amazing first step of many.

Since Priest (April 2007) and Howson (June 2007) joined the team in their respective positions, the team has constantly finished toward the bottom of the league and finally found rock bottom this year:

2011-12: 30th
2010-11: 24th
2009-10: 27th
2008-09: 16th
2007-08: 25th

To visit the initiative and help them out, you can visit their website, like their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter. You can also pick up “Operation Stinger” t-shirts that can be worn during the Blue Jackets last home game against the New York Islanders on April 7th.