Canucks launch ‘This Is Our Home’ campaign

The riots. The destruction. The mountain of work for Vancouver’s Police, Fire, and EMS departments. The ending to the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals was a dark time for the city. The Canucks are taking steps this year to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

Canucks Sports & Entertainment announced this morning the launch of their new public service initiative called ‘This Is Our Home’. In the initiative, the club will be releasing three video public service announcements, a radio PSA, and four posters that will be placed around the arena. The PSAs feature players, former players, and fans celebrating the city of Vancouver and promoting courage, integrity, honor, humility, and passion. Those wishing to see the entire campaign can do so by visiting the Canucks website.

As a hockey community, we applaud the Canucks for taking the initiative on this issue. While it is a sad fact that we have to address such things, the last thing we want to see are the riots all over again. With the Western Conference being so competitive, nobody can accurately predict when the Canucks season will end. Therefore, launching this campaign before the playoffs begin was a great move by the club. Let’s hope those who need to listen will take this message to heart.

Watch the one-minute PSA video after the jump: