Alexander Semin injured by his own gold medal

In a story that would fit well under the “Strange Injuries” umbrella, Alexander Semin injured himself with his very own gold medal, as seen on Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Evidently, Semin cut his forehead open when he was pulling his jersey off with the recently won gold medal from the IIHF World Championships still around his neck. As he pulled his jersey over his head, the medal smacked into his forehead leaving a cut and a trail of blood down his forehead (pictured above).

Semin was quoted as saying the medal was heavy and had cut the skin open. 

It’s not the most bizarre injury we have seen this year (Dustin Penner’s pancake incident) but it is a pretty unusual self-inflicted injury to suffer. It’s safe to assume that Semin won’t mind the bump on the forehead since it came from the torunament’s grandest award.

The article also points out that the celebration featured a few other odd moments including KHL president Alexander Medvedev attempting to give Alex Ovechkin a second gold medal. Ovechkin politely refused. 

Later, the Russians attempt to celebrate by drinking champagne from their newly one trophy. One problem – there’s a hole at the bottom of the trophy that caused their champagne to come spilling out. A simple solution was found quickly – plug your finger in the hole and drink away.

In this writer’s opinion, it’s always fun when the Russians win a major tournament, not so much for their play on the ice but mostly for the crazy stories that emerge from the celebrations that follow. Here we have Semin injuring himself with his own medal. In the past, we saw the World Junior Russian hockey team kicked off a plane after being deemed “too drunk to fly” after winning gold at the World Junior Championship. 

Neutral fans should root for the Russians in the next major tournament. We’re guaranteed more golden stories.

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