Introducing the Puck Drunk Love Staff Writers

As we previously did with our introduction of the editors of Puck Drunk Love, we’d also like for you all to know our current staff writers who will be contributing to the site as well. Our current crop of writers include Jon Steitzer of PuckinEh, J.P. Quayle of Ice the Office, and David Rogers of Frozen Notes.

Jon Steitzer

Jon S. writes about the Leafs for PuckinEh and tweets under the pseudonym YakovMironov. He likes his beer cold and his chilli beanless. He thinks Deep Space Nine was better than Voyager and will fight anyone who says otherwise. He believes we have failed as a society by not releasing a Herman’s Head DVD boxset and would like to remind you that the Habs are short.


J.P Quayle

My name is J.P. and I currently am the writer/manager of Bloguin’s Ice the Office. I have a thing for writing about off ice issues, which might not be very exciting to the general masses of puckheads out there. This isn’t my first leap into blogging, as I’ve written and experimented with different current events and music blogs. I will say that my time blogging about hockey is less than a year old. I suppose that makes me the aging rookie in this bunch.

If I have a goal in all of this, I hope that one day my writing excites people in the same way that Darius Kasparaitis did during the 2001 Eastern Conference Semifinal Game Seven of the Pittsburgh-Buffalo Series. My love for the Penguins goes back into the early 90’s but that moment could accurately describe my outlook on life. It seems as if you ask any modern Pens fan (or Penguin hater for that matter) about the team these days you won’t be able to escape the conversation without mentioning Crosby and Commissioner Bettman. Speaking of which – Thanks for this job Gary!

In the hours that I spend not thinking or writing about hockey, I’m a professional T crosser and I dotter. Yes, I have an entire quill set on my desk and am ready to pen at a moment’s notice. I also enjoy shaking my head in disbelief at the Pittsburgh Pirates while collecting more music than I can actually listen to in a day.

I’m very excited and thankful to join Puck Drunk Love.



David Rogers

Hello readers! These introductions are always a bit on the awkward side so I’ll keep things brief. My name is David Rogers and currently I run the site, a blog about the St. Louis Blues. Prior to my writing about the Blues, I worked for a fantasy sports company and was a recognized expert on fantasy hockey. My work appeared on everything from Comcast to Sports Illustrated and a few places in between.

While I absolutely love the sport itself, one of my favorite aspects of the game are the fans that follow hockey. We’re a close group. A group that engages with one another and supports one another. In the coming weeks and months ahead, I can’t wait to start a dialogue with all the readers out there and keep expanding and enhancing our hockey community.


Be sure to give our staff writers a follow on Twitter, and watch for their posts in the very near future!