Don Cherry Hits the Wrong Note

Oh the power of editing. How we love thee.

(You can only imagine the thoughts that go through Ron MacLean’s head: Is this guy actually serious?)

The Youtube account RBFlicks recently uploaded an edited video from a segement that was taken from the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Broadcast. The video features two of the hosts of the night Ron MacLean and Don Cherry. If you’re not familiar with Don Cherry, he currently is a hockey commentator for CBC television. You’ll most likely see him wearing something that should never see the light of day and shouting at all the Canadian teams. And while he may know a bit of hockey given that he had a long career of playing defense in the AHL/WHL, these days Cherry is there for entertainment purposes only. The iconic figure entered the booth in the early 1980’s and has been a staple ever since.

The video you’ll see below has something a bit extra to it. There are no announcing gaffes or any visual changes, but someone has decided to give Cherry an imaginary piano to play with.

Maybe the CBC should consider adding this bonus to every broadcast – or at least make Cherry study old notes from Glenn Herbert Gould. Thoughts PDL readers?