Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself

Yes, that’s an Austin Powers quote, and yes, I’m just as ashamed at using it as you think I should be.

Well, hello there, friend. Welcome to Puck Drunk Love. I’m your lovable* editor, Kelly Thomas Reardon. Alongside me in the editor’s booth is Tim Jervis & Graeme Nichols of

* Lovable may actually mean hated, trolling, stupid, ignorant, thick-skulled, amazing, genius, troglodyte, hard working, lazy or lovable depending on the day of the week, content of latest post, current hatred level of the Canucks (it’s high), or most recent Blackhawks’ results.

Puck Drunk Love is a new NHL blog that looks to bring a sense of humor, witty analysis, and maybe some actual honest reporting and writing to the masses. We’re going to have photoshops, league-wide run downs, media attacks, the Game of the Week, rec league hockey, possibly a podcast. We’re going to bring it all.

So, to get you all acquainted with the crew here at PDL, I’ve gathered introductions for each of our editors. (The lazy staff writers will be introduced later this week.) 

Kelly Thomas Reardon

You may remember me from such blogs as Blackhawks Down Low, where I was the managing editor (alongside Andrew Bernier, a swell dude), constant Photoshopper, occasionally serious writer, maker-up of stories and troll. Note: every single one of those words is a link. Seriously, read them.

BHDL was my first leap into the world of blogging. I had a personal blog that I would infrequently post to about all kinds of junk, but the bulk of it was the Blackhawks. Over the glorious, liquor-soaked offseason of 2010, I started a series of posts on my blog entitled “Stories of a Bender” chronicling my adventures in rec league hockey. When Andrew saw this, he thought it’d be a great fit on BHDL to help the typical off season lull most hockey blogs experienced and invited me to join the team.

I jumped at the chance and have been blogging there since. I was the third person on the blog at that point, and have moved into an editor role alongside Andrew and we’ve brought on two more writers.

At BHDL it was obviously all Blackhawks all the time, but here at Puck Drunk Love, we’ll be covering all the NHL and beyond. That means I get to analyse all the success of the Jets, Coyotes, Islanders, Blue Jackets and Flames! Wait…on second thought…

I look forward to telling you all how very wrong you are about everything.


Tim Jervis

My name is Tim and I’m one of the guys from I’ve been editing and contributing to the blog for the past three years. I’m also one of the co-hosts on The 6th Sens Podcast. Doing the podcast every weekend in a stinky closed circuit studio at a local university station has been one of the best parts of doing the website. I’ve known Graeme for longer than I care to admit. We’ve shared many a drink and game together and he is without a doubt my favourite sports writer. Kelly, well, he seems okay for a ChiSox fan. I think it’s safe to say this blog is in good hands.

Now, back to the important one. As an 80’s child, I grew up in Ottawa without a hometown team. I was a big hockey fan and always enjoyed watching my father’s team, (can’t believe I’m about to admit to watching) the Canucks. I was down for life when the Senators came to town in 1992. Since then, it’s been a gas following the team and watching the city of Ottawa grow as a sports town. I’ve seen a lot of great hockey moments in Ottawa and I can’t believe there was ever life in Ottawa before the Senators arrived. Years of losing to your favourite team have made me somewhat jaded. I still manage to find pleasure in this beautiful game.

I went to school in Leaf Nation and it only toughened my resolve as a Senators fan. Although Leafs tickets were always out of price range, I thoroughly enjoyed Canadian dollar on par nights in Buffalo. What I did not enjoy, was Buffalo. In an odd twist of fate, I’ve found myself back in Toronto. Life can be a cruel mistress. With that said, I’ll be writing to you from the center of the hockey universe where OHL tickets can’t be given away and people are disappointed when they find out the Marlies are a team, not smokes.

When I’m not watching my beloved Senators I can be found watching baseball and English Premier League. I enjoy jogging, rock and roll and biographies. I also have girlfriend and do not live in a basement. If there is one thing that sums up who I am, it is this; I am the problem with Chat Roulette.


Graeme Nichols

Hey everyone,

My name’s Graeme and I am the creator/writer/editor of Bloguin’s The 6th Sens. With other contributors like Tim and Scott, we’ve created a blog/podcast that is dedicated to Ottawa Senators coverage and post-game haikus. In addition, through no fault of the others, the website occasionally masquerades as the unofficial fan-site for Kyle Turris. (Sorry guys.)

I’ve been a hockey fan for as long as I can remember and my earliest experience as a Senators fan dates back to standing in line with my father at the old Moodie Drive Senators’ office, waiting in line to get tickets for the team’s inaugural season. In a similar vein, my first experience writing about the Senators took place shortly thereafter. When it came time to craft my first elementary school speech, I used my allotted four minute time-frame to rip the NHL’s decision to exclude Sylvain Turgeon from 1993 All-Star Game in Montreal.

I didn’t know at the time that I would be here, 18 years later, as part of the Bloguin network writing about the Ottawa Senators or the NHL but I’m honored to be a part of Puck Drunk Love.


In Conclusion…

If you’ve made it this far, I’m thrilled. And hopefully that means you’ll return in the future. So please, visit us often as we have a lot of amazing awesome hilarious ground-breaking outside-the-box good decent mediocre ideas in the works. So go ahead and follow each of us on Twitter, follow the official Twitter feed of the blog (@PuckDrunkLove), and like/stalk us on Facebook. You can also email us at

Stay tuned, share our posts, and comment often.