Top 5 Deadline Rental Players

The trade deadline is just over a month away, and it is starting to become clear which teams will be buying, and which will be selling. Here is a look at five players that could be packing their suitcase in the coming month.  Ales Hemsky Word around the league is that Hemsky is the most […]

Blame Arniel

The axe came down on Blue Jackets head coach Scott Arniel today, bringing the total number of head coaches fired this year to a whopping seven. It is hardly a shock that GM Scott Howson decided to get rid of Arniel considering that Columbus is languishing at the bottom of the standings. But it is somewhat […]

Does Fighting Shift Momentum?

This is the question that is being asked, and Marc Appleby of Power Scout Hockey is trying to find out. He has been analyzing data from fights since 2009, and has quantified the momentum shift that a team receives after a fight.  He has developed the fighter impact list, and I asked him a few […]

Top 10 Players at the World Jr’s

The best time of the year is upon us. No, not Christmas. It is the hockey tournament that is played over the holiday. The glorious World Juniors that captures the imagination of every Canadian, and maybe a dozen other people. Many stars of the NHL have got their big start in this tournament, so here […]

The Joy of Losing

Being an Edmonton Oilers fan born after the glory years has not been easy. We suffered through years of mediocrity and terrible drafting in the ’90’s, rode a wave of momentum all the way to the Cup finals in 2006, and then came crashing down once Mr. Pronger asked for his way out of town. […]

Should World Jr.’s players get paid?

The Christmas season is not just a time for family and presents in Canada. It is time for the World Juniors. From Boxing Day into the New Year, people across the nation hold their collective breath as kids that they have hardly ever heard of vie for the gold medal in what is officially known […]

Imagine Being Sid

Imagine how Sidney Crosby feels. The greatest hockey player in the world. A generational talent. The Golden Boy. First overall pick. Stanley Cup Champion. Franchise centre. He is everything. But for now, he is nothing. Imagine being Sidney Crosby right now. You have dominated the game at every level since you were just a youngster […]

Realignment: Rountable Reaction

Now that we have had some time to let it set in that the NHL as we know it is gone, myself, J.P. Quayle and David Rogers offer our reaction to the most pressing questions.   What team stands to benefit the most from the realignment?JP – It has to be the Detroit Red Wings. […]

Paul Maurice gets the axe

  That escalated quickly. It used to be that teams would wait until Christmas before making any rash decisions with their coaching staff, no matter the team’s record. But today changed all of that. After Bruce Boudeau got the axe this morning, Paul Maurice got his walking order from the Canes. It has been a […]

Team Russia: A Look Ahead to 2014

 The 2014 Winter Olympics are just over two years away, and with the games being held in Sochi, Russia, there are high hopes for the host nation to improve upon their showing in 2010. This is part one in a series that will preview the contending nations for the next gold medal. The hosts are […]

Stranger in a Strange Land

 Growing up in Edmonton, hockey was part of my life from a young age. While I was the only one in my class that didn’t lace them up to play minor hockey, as my parents were in favour of less violent alternatives, I was a hockey fan from a young age. Colorado and Florida in […]