Stamkos not in favor of proposed goal-scoring changes

With scoring down across the past few seasons, the NHL is looking for ways to increase goals. Reported proposals include decreasing the size of goalie equipment, and there’s even been talk of increasing the size of nets. One of the NHL’s most prolific goal-scorers isn’t on the side of changing the rules, as Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos says he wants things to remain the same.

“Obviously, you want to score and get points and all that stuff, but at the same time, I’m a guy that says that’s the game,” Stamkos told Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune. “It’s a lot more complicated than the net and the goalie equipment, it’s the systems that teams play, the willingness of players to block shots with every part of their body.

Stamkos has had no problem scoring in his career, as the two-time Maurice Rocket Richard winner has accumulated 287 career goals in just 517 games. He hasn’t slowed down this season either, with 11 goals in 25 games. He told the Tribune that players just need to deal with equipment changes.

“It’s tactics and video, stuff that didn’t exist when goal scoring was at its highest. Obviously, the goalies have gotten a lot better, quicker, faster, stronger and bigger because of their equipment, but it’s just something you have to deal with as a player. You just have to find a way.”

You’d think the 25-year-old would be in favor of the proposed rule changes, given it would probably provide him with the opportunity to score even more goals, but as his production suggests, he’s not one of the players the changes would target. He’s going to score regardless.

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