Western Conference Teams Assess Needs As Trade Deadline Looms Part 1

Yesterday was the East’s turn. Today we go West and peer into the fortunes of the fine fifteen in the NHL’s Western Conference. There’s a greater separation from the bottom three to the pack, with a dozen points from the staggered Wild to the Ducks who this season invented the staggered and flailing look. And […]

Eastern Conference Teams Assess Needs As Trade Deadline Looms, Part 2

Last night we talked about the leaders of the Eastern Conference pack. But barring the league being dipped in amber for permanent preservation, the seven teams on the outside looking in will have a say in the final disposition of playoff contention. Some will stand pat, correctly guessing that a run is either out of […]

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas Elects To Pass

Missing from today’s White House ceremony was Tim Thomas, as you may already have heard. The choice he made was personal and political. And for a team that prides itself so very much on the idea of team and unity and sticking up for each other his choice was unconscionable. This isn’t political. I actually […]

Celebrating The Little Differences That Make Hockey Grand

What a difference a sport makes. We hockey fans understand this inherently. Our beloved sport is different. We may appreciate the other athletic contests and competitions. But no sport stirs us the way hockey does. And our friends — misguided though they are — whose love lies in baseball, basketball and football, to name three, […]

Boston Bruins Present President Obama With Honorary Jersey

The Boston Bruins paid a visit to the White House today in commemoration of their Stanley Cup Championship. Among the many perks of taking a title home — parades, not paying for drinks ever, fame — visiting the White House and mugging with the president must rank at the top, even for teams of eclectic […]