Nazem Kadri fined $5,000 for throat-slashing gesture

Nazem Kadri has been fined $5,000 by the NHL for making a throat-slashing gesture towards Calgary Flames defenseman Mark Giordano during Tuesday night’s game in Calgary.

Nazem Kadri said following the game, he didn’t remember the incident, and was just mad about getting crunched by Giordano on a previous play.

“It’s not something that I even remember really doing to be honest,” he said. “I was kind of in and out a little bit after that hit, just furious. It was an emotional reaction and that’s about it.”

Giordano told reporters after the game he thought the gesture was stupid, and wasn’t at all intimidated by Kadri’s actions.

“I wasn’t intimidated. I just think it’s pretty stupid on his part to make that gesture, but well see what the league does of it.”

The NHL’s only previous precedent on the incident was Nick Boyton getting a one-game suspension for a similar action towards mike Ribeiro back in 2006.

The gesture was stupid, and Kadri should know better.

He’s a good player enjoying a solid season with 11 goals, 17 assists and 28 points in 52 games, while being an expert penalty drawer, ranking among the top of the league. Incidents like this one will just put a black mark on him for being hot-headed and overshadow his strong play, which is unfortunate. Hopefully he learns from his error in judgement.

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