Report: The Kings are interested in Roman Polak

The LA Kings are making yet another late push into the playoffs and they’re looking to build upon that success by stocking up on an asset or two at the trade deadline. One of the areas they’d like to improve is on defense, but they’re hoping to do so without breaking the bank. According to The Globe and Mail, the Kings are interested in a defender they’re pretty familiar with – Roman Polak of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Polak, a defender the St. Louis Blues traded to the Maple Leafs in June of 2014, is a defenseman the Kings have had the displeasure of playing against in two recent playoff series. The Kings came out on top both times, but they also had the opportunity to scout all of the St. Louis defenders, including Polak. Though Polak certainly has his faults, he does excel in the infamous “grit” department and he plays a physical game. If the Kings are looking for more physicality on defense, Polak is an affordable option.

It’s already clear that Toronto is willing to part with most of their assets, so it shouldn’t take too much for the Kings to pry Polak off the roster. Polak may not be the most glamorous option on the trading block, but the Kings will know exactly what they are getting and it should come at a manageable price.

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