Erik Karlsson doesn’t do any conditioning during the summer

Erik Karlsson is arguably the best defenseman in the NHL, particularly when it comes to his offensive contributions and his skating. What does he do to hone his skills during the summer? Surprisingly, not much.

Karlsson spoke with TSN and mentioned that he doesn’t do any conditioning during the summer, but it’s not because he’s lazy.

“I do all my conditioning on the ice. I don’t do any conditioning during the summer. My issue has always been keeping weight on and trying to get bigger and stronger and I find if I do that throughout the summer as well, I can’t put any weight on and keep it throughout the year.”

Karlsson’s relaxed summer wasn’t always part of his routine. When he was younger, he’d train hard over the summer but he knows that he’ll begin to wear down if he maintains that rigorous schedule in addition to the grueling NHL regular season and playoffs. Too often players burn themselves out too quickly by failing to remember that rest is as important as training during the offseason.

Considering Karlsson won the Norris Trophy last season, he might be on to something.

(H/T The Score)

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