Darren Dreger finds himself in hot water when talking about NHL expansion

Writing about the NHL is hard. It can become even harder when people twist your words. It can be even harder than that if you are on TV and only have a short amount of time to explain a situation. It was a tough spot that TSN’s Darren Dreger found himself in last night on NBCSN. These series of tweets document the roller coaster ride we all went through going over his timeline.

In his segment many believed that he was alluding to teams being moved but was only talking about a hypothetical situation which leads to this next string of tweets.

This is the point in time where Dreger gets frustrated with the play-by-play announcer of the Florida Panthers and takes a little bit of a pot shot. Reminder this is coming from the same person who used to defend his cousin Dave Nonis vehemently and defended his moves beyond what was necessary. Maybe not the best person to talk about journalistic ethics.

Understandably, Steve Goldstein is frustrated but isn’t at the point of taking a shot at Dreger. Now this is where it gets interesting…

While they are having a war of words on twitter, more or less a “he said, she said” type of debate, a partner of the Florida Panthers steps in and squashes it all in one fell swoop. Now was that so hard?

Dreger, who does get it right more often than not, had a tough time last night but that shouldn’t stop this insider from doing what he does best which is reporting the news.

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