2014 Winter Olympics: 11 Reactions to T.J Oshie’s shootout goal from around the country

When the USA / Russia game started, no one could have imagined Americans gathered in their houses, and in their favorite bars holding their breath as T.J. Oshie skated in on the Russian net in the eight round of a shootout. As Oshie ticketed a puck past Sergei Bobrovsky, strangers high fived. Texts of " what a game," and key smashes of " jndkjkkmkme" were tweeted.

And thanks to YouTube, reactions were recorded. And they are glorious.

When you're done watching these videos and wiping the patriotic tears from your eyes, scroll down for TJ Oshie's reaction to being called an American hero. Trust us, it's worth your time.

What is amazing is that all of these places, all around the country the script almost goes the same way.

1. Chants of OSHIE-OSHIE-OSHIE!  

2. Eruption of applause

3. USA chants.


YOUTUBE SEARCH TERM: T.J. Oshie shootout goal:

Location: Unknown.




And that's just the start.

Location: Unknown



Location: Unknown



Location: Dorchester, Mass.


Location: Bar in NYC


Location: Pittsburgh,Pa. Pipers pub.



Location: Washington D.C.



Location: Some dude on his couch



Location: Marquette University.




Location: Some guys house.



If you didn't watch the video you missed the guy doing this:

And of all the reactions, this one means everything:



Now, as promised, here is today's shootout star on him being considered an American hero after going 4-for-6 in the shootout to propel the United States to victory:

Anything this guy can do wrong?