Video: Don Cherry calls Scott Burnside and Kevin Allen “rats”

The Scott Burnside article on USA hockey was the biggest story this week. So of course Don Cherry was going to touch on it. And touch on it he did.

Cherry, while not naming any names, accused Burnside and USA Today's Kevin Allen of ratting on Burke several times, while Ron MacLean tried to stick up for Brian Burke. MacLean said something about sharing emails with Burke that would, "make your skin crawl." 

Boy we'd love to see the email Burke probably sent to Burnside.

Overall, someone wasn't on the same page with what was on the record and what was off. Or did Burnside break an agreement? ESPN's Pierre Lebrun took to twitter to defend his fellow ESPN writer:

Lebrun points out that he was offered embedded access, so that is the end of that. But what a nightmare for team USA this has become, especially at the delight of Mr. Canada, Don Cherry.