NHL doctors resort to spy techniques to hide injuries from Russians

We've all seen the news stories regarding reporters' phones being hacked the second they get to Sochi. There's always a possibility of that happening anywhere, but the Olympics seem to be easy pickings for Russian hackers. 

Could the Russian Olympic hockey team be among them, hacking into phones to scour injury information from other teams? NHL doctors seem to think so.They've resorted to using specially issued cell phones that've been wiped of all data, and they can refer to players only by number.

“The owners were very concerned about that,” Peter DeLuca, one of the NHL’s Olympic medical officials in Sochi, told Fitzpatrick. “They said any kind of personal account or anything with a password could be hacked by the Russians in a minute. So we left everything home, and they issued us these ‘clean phones.’ “
No word on if the concerned owner was Eugene Melnyk.

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