Nazem Kadri on a potential trade: “I don’t want it to happen.”

You may have heard some of the trade rumors swirling around Toronto's Nazem Kadri. It turns out that Kadri has heard them as well and isn't a fan. He has stated that while receiving interest from other teams is flattering, he has no desire to be traded. 

When asked about some of the rumors and the possibility of being traded, Kadri told

It would be terrible. I don't see it happening and I don't want it to happen. This is my home and this is where I want to be. I'm going to give them everything I have.

Kadri's season has been described as disappointing compared to his 44-point 2012-13, but with 11 goals and 27 points through 45 games it's fair to say Kadri has still been decent. 

Kadri agrees with this assessment when asked about his season:

I think it has been decent. I know I can bring a lot better and obviously everyone expects a lot more, which is a little flattering because it means people believe in you and understand that you can give more to the team. Nobody expects more [from me] than I expect from myself.

Despite acknowledging that he has no desire to be traded and that he's aware of all of the rumors bouncing around the hockey world, Kadri said:

I'm just going about my business trying to get prepared to play. I've been around this market for a few years now and I know better than to listen to any outside media. It's not like I'm going home and turning on the radio to listen to what everyone has to say. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. I just care about what guys think in this dressing room.

Will Kadri be dealt before the March 5 deadline? Maybe, but it's at least interesting seeing his perspective on the entire situation.

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