GIF: Patrick Kane scores own-goal into empty net

It's a very real possibility: your team is about to get a power play, your coach pulls the goalie, and there's an empty net waiting at the other side of the ice. You clear the puck, it bounces off of the boards, and then it slides… oh no… is it… yes. It slides right into your own empty net.

It's always a possibility, but doesn't happen often, most of the time because you don't clear the puck out of the opposing team's zone when you're about to get a power play. Shoot it at their goalie and get the whistle. Patrick Kane will remember this from here on out.

In Sunday night's game against the Edmonton Oilers, Kane scored a wonky own-goal by bouncing the puck off of the boards and into his own empty net:

The icing on the cake is the CNS Chicago crew giving the Blackhawks credit for the goal instead of the last Oiler to touch the puck, Boyd Gordon. Gordon was given credit for the rare short handed empty net goal.

Don't worry, though. Marian Hossa scored for the Blackhawks 30 seconds later, so the balance of the universe was restored.

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