Crosby asked for Toews’ blessing before accepting Canadian Olympic captaincy

For most folks, it was a foregone conclusion that either Sidney Crosby or Jonathan Toews would be given the captaincy of the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team. Both are leaders mature beyond their years, and both have awards and accolades that any player could dream of. Team Canada announced yesterday that the C would go to Sid, but that's not the real story.

The real story is that Crosby, when informed of the decision to name him captain, asked for Toews' blessing to accept it. The word "classy" gets thrown around so much in respect to these two hockey players that it's a wonder that my Twitter feed didn't explode, awash in "class." Truth be told, both players are good leaders, know what they need to do, and are respectful of talent and tradition (and before anyone leaves a Sidney Crysby comment, compare Crosby to when he broke into the league to Crosby now).

Is asking Toews if accepting the C is all right a bit much? Yeah, probably so – but really, the fact that the choice came down to who has more Cups is inane in itself. 

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