Craig Anderson wants to get rid of the shootout

You can add Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson to the growing list of players who want to abolish the shootout in the NHL. Anderson's comments about the shootout came after his team fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning in a shootout Thursday night. 

Following the game, Anderson opened up and offered a rather blunt view on the NHL's method of deciding tied games:

It’s a skills competition. Flip a coin and call heads. That might be a better way to settle it. 

It's fair to say Anderson was pretty salty after dropping yet another game in a shootout (Ottawa is 2-6 in shootout and Anderson is now 20-26), but his comments represent an opinion held by a larger number of NHL fans and apparently a growing number of players. 

Would Anderson be in favor of the shootout if he had more success? Maybe, but he claims he's always been opposed. 

I’ve never been a fan since Day One.

But it’s one of those things, taking a team game and making it individual.

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