2014 Winter Olympics: By the numbers

Great article by Stephen Pettigrew over at the Wall Street Journal. [  WSJ  ]

He broke down the teams by NHL salaries and to no one's surprise, Canada leads the way at a stunning $156.6 million dollars. USA comes in at second, which is a bit surprising, until you remember Zach Parise and Ryan Suter make almost a quarter of that salary.

Stephen also broke down the numbers the chances of each team bringing home a medal:

Based on the simulations, Canada has a 64% chance of repeating as champions. The U.S. comes home with gold 21% of the time. The simulations also don't bode well for the Olympic host, Russia, which only has a 2% change of winning gold and a 20% chance of taking home any medal.

Twenty percent chance of Russia winning a medal? If that holds up, the disaster with hotel rooms in Sochi will seem mild.