Welcome Steve Lepore to PDL

The PDL family is growing. We're proud to officially announce that Steve Lepore will be joining Puck Drunk Love and sharing his hockey insight with all of us. Steve is a widely respected voice in the world of hockey and he's a huge addition to the PDL team. He'll also be contributing to Awful Announcing, another site on the Bloguin network. 

Unfamiliar with Steve or his work? Check out a brief "Get to know Steve" segment below. We'll also have another exciting announcement soon, so stay tuned!

1. Tell us a bit about your hockey writing background. 
I've been writing about the NHL on TV since 2008. I came over to write at SB Nation in 2012 with some NHL and college work. I've covered the Stanley Cup Final, the NHL Draft and a Winter Classic.
2. What was your very first hockey memory?
December 9, 1995. This.

I don't really like fighting anymore, but I was six and this was awesome.
3. Favorite team?
I grew up in New Jersey, so I went against the grain of the typical Garden State dweller and rooted for the Devils. 
4. Best hockey memory? 
The first Stanley Cup Playoff game I ever saw in person was Game 3 of the 2000 Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Devils and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Each member of the vaunted A-Line (Patrick Elias, Jason Arnott, Petr Sykora) got a goal, Martin Brodeur stopped 22 shots and a bunch of Leafs fans were escorted out of the arena. We also got these tickets on such short notice that I got pulled from a Little League game after one inning. 
5. One NHL rule you want to see changed or immediately abolished?
The trapezoid definitely betrays my home, but I really don't think it has been responsible for any sort of increased offensive play or scoring or anything. Let the goalies roam, and let their skill decide if it turns out to be a good move. 
6. One rule you'd like to see added to the NHL, if any?
Replay on the "puck over glass" rule. I'm fine with punishing people, but it's not something that should be left to the judgment of four dudes skating at top speeds and trying to watch a play and avoid 12 other gigantic dudes at the same time.
7. Worst hockey cliché? 
The idea that a fight "changes momentum." 
8. What do you hope to bring to PDL?
A smile, and some orange slices for after the game.
You can follow Steve on Twitter at @SteveLepore

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