Video: Stephen Gionta checked into the Florida bench, Panthers shove him right back out

When New Jersey forward Stephen Gionta was trying to slip past Florida defenseman Dmitri Kulikov, he must have assumed he was about to take a big hit. Gionta tried to nimbly jump beyond the check, but instead found himself knocked over the boards and sitting next to the Florida bench. 

Gionta likely imagined that once over the boards he'd have no problem safely making his way back out on the ice without further contact. Wrong. T.J. Brennan decided that Gionta could use some assistance making it back out on the ice and gave the New Jersey forward a big shove as he hopped over the wall. The shove sent Gionta flying, understandably upsetting both Gionta and the crowd. 

This might be the best highlight out of Florida all season long. 

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