Steve Ott wants to lick Jeff Halpern’s visor

Steve Ott, agitator extraordinaire, loves to stir things up. Whether it's about fans booing in Buffalo which caused an interesting and kind of hilarious exchange between him, his fiancee and Buffalo's beat writer, or if it's trying to gain an edge before a draw, he'll do what it takes to get under your skin.

This time prior to a faceoff, Ott tried to lick Jeff Halpern's visor before the puck was dropped. Losing by a score of 4-0, Ott tried to something, anything to get his team fired up. Evidently, this means taking a taste of some hard plastic. Just like the broadcast says, "that's just creepy."

The YouTube comments on this video were golden, claiming Ott wanted to "taste victory" and that there was a "distinct licking motion." Well played, Internet commenters. 

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