Ryan O’Byrne: Teams don’t trust stats from the NHL

It's been widely believed that most teams, if not all teams in the NHL keep their own statistics, especially when it comes to subjective stats such as hits, turnovers and scoring chances. This notion was confirmed when Toronto's Ryan O'Byrne commented that teams don't trust stats generated from the NHL and instead track their own. 

This isn't exactly news, but it is interesting to hear a player talk about a topic that fans usually don't hear much about. 

Specifically, O'Byrne mentioned statistics such as hits, turnovers and chances as ones teams track because they don't trust NHL generated numbers. These stats in particular are extremely subjective and it's really no wonder that teams want to have their own staff track them. For example, there are times where NHL stats will indicate that Player X had a whopping 10 hits in a game while a player on the opposing team from the same game had just a couple official hits despite being involved in the physical side of the game just as much as Player X. 

It'd be fascinating to compare stats that the team collects privately and compare it to the ones the NHL shares publicly, just to see if there are any major discrepancies. We imagine that teams might judge a scoring chance or a turnover pretty differently than compared to those in charge of statistics for the NHL.


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