Report: Boston Bruins may reconsider signing Jaromir Jagr

The Boston Bruins might be having some second thoughts. At the end of June, the Bruins stated they were not going to offer Jaromir Jagr a new contract. GM Peter Chiarelli told Jagr the team was planning to move in a new direction and that the 41-year-old was free to explore other options.

A report from NESN indicates the Bruins might be having a change of heart. 

Chiarelli told NESN that the Bruins were considering “circling back” on the situation. This news comes after free-agent Nathan Horton decided he wasn't going to return to Boston and was instead going to test free agency. 

Chiarelli told reporters:

"You know actually we have thought of circling back. We told him we were moving on so he may have moved on, also. It’s something that we may revisit. He’s on a list … of a bunch of guys."

Assuming he hasn't moved on, Jagr is still an option for the Bruins now that the team has more questions than answers on the right side of the ice. He might be on a list loaded with other options, but it's safe to assume the Bruins would bring him back if they aren't able to find an upgrade at the position. 

Would Jagr return to Boston? Maybe, but it would throw a wrench in his apparent plan to skate for every team in the Eastern Conference. Seriously though, it's unclear how Jagr would handle a situation where the Bruins come crawling back after telling him they're not interested. 

Stay tuned. 

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