Rangers’ Lundqvist has to talk to agent about contract extension

As if the New York Rangers' 4-1 series loss in the Eastern Conference Semi-finals to the Boston Bruins wasn't bad enough, Rangers fans will have something pretty big to worry about over this off-season. No, not worries about Brad Richards and Rick Nash. Not worries about coaching and if that contributed to an offense that basically didn't exist.

No, they have to worry about Henrik Lundqvist. 

Dan Rosen of NHL.com tweeted this fire starter of a tweet today that had the whole Rangers' fan base cringing (and many Islanders fans celebrating gleefully):


Wow. Lundqvist has every right to want to evaluate his contract terms. It's becoming increasingly obvious that the Rangers' strategy during the playoffs is "Henrik'll get it." He has to be tired of being the only go-to guy on the team that's reliable. If the Rangers want to keep their dapper star, they're going to have to do some soul searching this off-season. If they're content to waste his talent, one can't blame Lundqvist for wanting to take his talent elsewhere.

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