Minnesota Wild equipment manager bashes Edmonton on Twitter

The head equipment manager of the Minnesota Wild isn't a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. In fact, he's not a fan of the city of Edmonton in general. How do we know this? Well, Styleswild on Twitter or Tony Dacosta based on the matching photo from the Wild's site, chose to bash the city and the team through a series of Tweets. 

After time passed, Dacosta decided to remove the controversial Tweets from Twitter, along with his profile picture. Of course, as we all know, deleting something off of Twitter doesn't really do much when savvy fans out there take screenshots of what you are trying to remove.

If you think this might be some sort of hoax or impersonator, scan through some of the photos on the Styleswild Twitter account. You'll find more than enough proof that the account does indeed belong to a Minnesota Wild employee. 

As for the Tweets themselves, Dacosta started by calling Edmonton a "s…hole", as seen in the photo at the top of this article. We have absolutely no idea what the word is that he censored, but we'll just assume it wasn't complementary (/sarcasm).

When he was called out by a follower on Twitter, Dacosta pointed to the fact that Edmonton has had the first draft pick every year, meaning the Oilers have been the worst team in the league. 

A factual statement by definition, but probably not one an employee of an NHL club should ever say publicly.

He ended with …

He defended his opinions, as seen in a Tweet that's still active on the account.

Common sense then took over, as seen in his apology to the fans of Edmonton. 

Not sure the proud Canadian hashtag is really relevant after bashing a Canadian city, but so be it. 

Chalk this up as a lapse in judgment. If you've followed the account prior to this post, you'll know that it's incredibly tame while offering up some fun photos from Wild practices and the dressing room. 

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