Minnesota newspaper has an interesting way of spelling “Jaromir Jagr”

Eden Prarie is a small city in Minnesota located just south of downtown Minneapolis. The town's newspaper, the Eden Prarie News, recently ran a story on Nick Leddy and the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. Leddy was born in Eden Prarie and he gave an interesting interview about what it takes to win the Cup.

There's just one incredibly distracting problem. In the paper's article, they chose to spell Jaromir Jagr a bit differently, using "Yaromir Yagr" in both their print and digital editions of the article. 

It's clear someone just listened to their tape recorder and quoted Leddy as they heard him. It's a simple mistake which could have been easily prevented by performing a quick Google search. Still, the typo is kind of hilarious because we've seen Jagr's name butchered repeatedly over the years despite the fact he's one of the most iconic players to ever skate in the NHL. 

(H/T Reddit Hockey)

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