Mikhail Grabovski vents unhappiness after being bought out by Toronto

It's not often that you get this kind of candor from a player, especially one who has just been bought out. Normally they trot out the whole "I enjoyed my ___ years in *insert city here* and would like to thank *insert team name* for their time." Mikhail Grabovski was bought out by the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he has taken the absolute opposite route. He didn't burn bridges here – he firebombed them.


Wow. So, tell us how you really feel. Obviously angry with the way that he was utilized in Toronto, Grabovski would make some team lacking in the center department a great second-liner. Or adequate second-liner. Regardless, he's still a useful player. These statements, however, may make general managers wonder about his attitude and if that will rub off on other players. Honestly, though, if I were a GM I'd be more concerned as to whether or not he had rabies.

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