Marc Staal thinks he can play at a high level, doubts his eye will ever be 100%

Marc Staal is confident that he can still play at a high level in the NHL even after suffering a gruesome injury back on March 5th when a puck struck him in the right eye. Despite suffering an orbital fracture and a tear in his eye (*shudder*), Staal doesn't think his injury will be an issue. 

Though Staal is confident he can still play quality hockey at the NHL level, he doubts his eye will ever be 100%. 

Staal commenting that his eye will never be the same might sound like pessimistic news, but the defenseman says that the situation improving each day and that he just needs time to adjust to it. Staal attempted to return from the injury during the playoffs, but he quickly found that he needed more time as he found himself disoriented out on the ice. 

All in all, you've got to imagine that Staal is lucky to be in the position he's in. After suffering the injury it looked like Staal's career might be over and that he might permanently lose his vision out of his right eye. Now, barring a setback, it appears he'll just need a bit more time before he's back patrolling on defense for the New York Rangers. Staal's eye might never be the same, but this is a remarkable story if he's able to overcome a horrific injury.

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