Hockey Night in Canada’s pre-game video before BOS-PIT Game 3 was exceptional

The pre-game videos shown on Hockey Night in Canada are widely regarded as being some of the best clips and video packages in all of sports. The package shown before Game 3 between Boston and Pittsburgh might have raised the bar even higher. 

Set to "Karma Police" by Radiohead, viewers are taken through several storylines which filled the series' first two games. Matt Cooke dishing out punishment only to later receive some of his own. Marchand bickering before scoring. Floundering Pittsburgh goaltenders. Sidney Crosby out of his element as the lyrics "I lost myself" play over and over. 

This is outstanding. If you regularly watch Hockey Night in Canada you're probably well aware of how epic some of these videos can be, but this one has to be one of the best HNIC has ever created. In fact, we'd label it as one of the best pre-game intros in sports history.

(H/T SBNation)

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