History Will Be Made: Pierre McGuire

It's about that time of the year again. What time is that, you ask? It's time for Pierre McGuire to make hockey fans uncomfortable. To be fair, McGuire successfully accomplishes that task throughout the year, but he usually brings his game to a whole new level to match the intensity of the playoffs. 

With that, we leave you this video created by a fan by back in 2010 when parodies of the "History Will Be Made" commercials were all the rage. This gem should be dug up every postseason.

History Will Be Made – Pierre McGuire


Honestly, we're sure Pierre is a very nice man. He just tends to present himself in a somewhat strange way. The man knows his hockey. No one is doubting that. He also knows more about where various NHL players attended college than any announcer or analyst on the face of the planet. Watch a game on NBC and you'll be treated, like it or not, to a thorough background of every player's collegiate career. 

Unfortunately, he's best known for moments such as the one above and this remarkably awkward video below. 


Why is he standing so close to Darren Dutchyshen? It's not as if there are important graphics being shown in the background. As if that's not a big enough reason to label this video as creepy and frankly bizarre, McGuire claims Dutchyshen "is an announcer with a long stick from time to time." We don't want to know what he means. 

Enjoy the NHL playoffs, but don't be surprised if you wake up to find Pierre staring through your window.

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