Henrik Zetterberg and Victor Hedman condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws

Russia's firm stance against homosexuality has been met with criticism from nearly every corner of the planet. Countless athletes and media members have expressed their concern over Russia's position against the gay community leading into the Olympics set to be held in February of next year. You can add Swedish athletes Henrik Zetterberg and Victor Hedman to the growing list of probable participants in the 2014 Sochi Olympics who have condemned the controversial policies. 

In a report given to the Swedish press and later translated and posted on The Score, Zetterberg and Hedman had some stern and direct comments on the upcoming games and Russia's archaic beliefs. 

Hedman said:

That's completely wrong, we're all humans. No one should have a say in what way you're sexually oriented.

Zetterberg agreed, adding:

Awful, just awful. I think that everyone should be able to be themselves. It's unbelievable that it can be this way in this time, especially in a big country like Russia.

Hedman later added that he'd support the Swedish Olympic Committee if they formally stood against Russia's anti-gay laws based on his belief that "everyone should stand up for homosexual rights."

Kudos to both Zetterberg and Hedman for taking a vocal stance against Russia's laws. Here's hoping that other athletes from other nations take a similar approach and condemn Russia's outdated policies. 

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