GIF: Tuukka Rask wasn’t happy losing to Montreal

The Boston Bruins lost to the Montreal Canadiens in a shootout after leading by a score of 4-2 after two periods. The Bruins weren't very happy with the result (obviously), but no one displayed their frustration quite like Tuukka Rask. 

Rask decided to take out his frustration by swinging his stick at the boards as he skated off the ice. The result went about as well as the game, causing the Boston goaltender to crash into the boards, sending his stick flying. Rask hurriedly picked himself up off the ice and scurried into the tunnel, desperately hoping no one caught his blunder. 

Well, this is the Internet and guys like Adam from the Pensblog not only captured the moment but immortalized it for all to enjoy – well, maybe not for Boston fans. 

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