Florida trades Kris Versteeg back to Chicago

The Florida Panthers made it clear that they wanted to shake things up and turn over a new leaf. They've already replaced the coaching staff and they announced that just about any veteran on the roster was on the trading block. Chicago is the first team to take Florida up on its offer.

The Panthers have traded Kris Versteeg to the Chicago Blackhawks, as reported by Chris Kuc. The trade will also send Phillipe Lefebvre to Chicago while Florida receives Jimmy Hayes and Dylan Olsen. To sweeten the deal, the Panthers agreed to pay for half of Versteeg's salary. 

The white flag is being waved in Florida. After starting the season with an ugly 4-11-4 record, the Panthers have dealt away one of their forwards. Judging by how the trade looks on paper right now, the Panthers are practically giving Versteeg away when you factor in that they'll be paying for half of his salary. 

Versteeg returns to Chicago – a team he called home for three seasons – after spending time in Philadelphia, Toronto and Florida. 

The rebuilding effort in Florida is underway, but is this the best way to go about doing it? 

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