Drew Doughty’s embarrassing dive against Phoenix

Hockey players are known as some of the toughest athletes in all of sports. They've earned this reputation by playing through serious injuries and only leaving the ice when absolutely necessary. Drew Doughty is evidently trying to tarnish that reputation as evidenced by his hilariously awkward dive against the Phoenix Coyotes. 

Let's recap. Doughty has a minor collision with Rob Klinkhammer. Shortly after contact, Doughty grabs his face and flops on the ice as if Klinkhammer hit him with his stick. Klinkhammer was given two minutes for high-sticking. 


It's never fun writing about these types of incidents. Luckily (and perhaps surprisingly) diving is a fairly rare phenomenon in the NHL. However, it seems like it's a topic we've been discussing more and more. In fact, Doughty has been connected to diving in the past. There are numerous examples of Doughty diving over the last few years.

Is it time for the NHL to do something about divers before it becomes a larger problem in the NHL? With the benefit of replay and the ability to watch every game, the NHL certainly has the ability to hand out punishments when it's clear a player has embellished as badly as Doughty has above. 

(H/T Reddit Hockey)

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