Don Cherry defends John Scott

Don Cherry has made some ridiculous comments over the years. Controversial statements from Cherry are the norm. You can add some more to his resume as he has now taken a firm and unbelievable stance defending Buffalo's John Scott. 

On his Hockey Night in Canada segment, Cherry defended Scott and believes Scott's actions were due to limited time on the ice. Due to his limited role, Scott tried to make an impact. Cherry sympathizes with Scott despite the fact Scott's actions are inexcusable. 

We'll agree that Scott needs to make an impression when he takes the ice. He should try to score goals, make solid passes and pressure the opponent. You know, plays which don't severely injure an opponent and can actually help the Sabres win a game. Is that idea too far-fetched?

Rolling our eyes at a statement made by Cherry is nothing unusual, but here we're actually in agreement with Mike Milbury. That might be a first. 

(H/T Sportsnet)

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