Devils sign Ryane Clowe to questionable deal

That *thud* sound you just heard were the jaws of most of the New Jersey Devils fan base hitting the floor at once. They've signed free agent left winger Ryane Clowe to a five-year deal at an average cap hit of $4.85 million a year. Last season with the New York Rangers, Clowe had three goals and 16 assists. The year before that he had 17 goals and 28 assists. This is not worth a five-year deal. This is certainly not worth $4.85 million a year.

Oh, and on top of that, he also has a concussion history. 

He's defensively sound, but he's slow. Basically, he'll probably wind up on the Devils' third line. This is not the best signing for the Devils, unless they want to get slower. If that's their goal – Well done.

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